Colon Hydrotherapy

What to Expect on your First Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic) Visit


Our goal is to provide excellent colon hydrotherapy care to help individuals and families regain and maintain their health. At Natural Chiropractic Healing, you can expect Dr. Noey to provide you with the highest quality care in a warm, caring, and educational environment.  Whether you are looking for relief from acute or chronic conditions or want to maintain wellness, we can help you!  

Prior to your appointment it is necessary to refrain from eating for 2 hours prior to your session, also you must hydrate with plenty of water that day.  Following these instructions will ensure that your session is as easy and comfortable as possible.  When you enter our office, a member of our friendly staff or Dr. Noey will greet you and welcome you as a member of our family.  We will request that you complete patient intake forms.  This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition, please bring in or list any medications and/or nutrients you are currently taking.  You will be taken on a short tour to get your acquainted with our beautiful new facility.  Then, you will be escorted into the consultation/exam room.


Next, you will have a consultation to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and potential treatment options. This initial visit is designed to learn more about you, your condition, and expectations and  to determine how colon hydrotherapy care can meet your goals.  Our patients appreciate that we explain everything in advance, our goal is to offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care in a comfortable setting surrounding. Your history and future goals for health will be recorded. During the consultation, you will obtain a general understanding of proper dietary needs, supplement needs, nutritional needs, etc.. Once you've agreed to proceed, you will receive a general vitals examination. If all looks promising, you will then proceed to begin your first colon hydrotherapy session.  After the colonic exam, you are taken to the colonic suite for your first colonic session!  

Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonic)

Natural Chiropractic Healing uses one of  the safest and most trusted devices available. Our LIBBE devices are Class II FDA approved device. The LIBBE system promotes both safety and sanitation. The recommended duration of the procedure is between 30-45 minutes. Our facilities provide complete privacy while utilizing the highest forms of sterile, odorless, disposable and hygienic device available.

Dr. Noey our certified colon hydrotherapist will assist with your colonic.  On that day, a care plan is developed based on your health goals.  For colonic service, the first visit is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours (approx. 45 minutes for consultation and exam; 45 minutes for the colonic session).  We ask that you not eat two hours prior to your appointment, and drink lots of water (you must be well hydrated).  The use of any laxatives or stimulants prior to the visit is not recemmended.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and painless treatment to remove debris and toxic waste build-up.  Colon Hydrotherapy also known as Colonic Irrigation is an effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs.  By introducing a gentle infusion of warm filtered and temperature-regulated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through the natural contraction of the bowel.  Colon irrigation is best used in combination with adequate nutrition and fluid intake as well as exercise.  

Through each and every session, you will be assisted by fully trained, experienced female Certified Colon Hydrotherapists.  The water pressure of the hydrotherapy device is adjusted to suit your comfort.  Disposable materials are used and we use no chemicals or stimulants.  The procedure is painless, relaxing, and most effective in cleansing the bowel.  Many are amazed at how easy and comfortable this procedure is; the results are incredible!

The Colonic Irrigation Procedure

With our system, the cleanse is relaxing, safe, comfortable, and private, allowing client and/or therapist to be in control. The rectal tube that is used is the size of a pencil, which is significantly smaller than most colonic rectal devices.  Once the flow is turned on, there is no need to interrupt the cleanse to release.  You will fill up with water and when you need to push out, the tube will stay inserted and whatever needs to pass from the colon will pass around the tube and down the drain.  A colonic is much more effective that a home enema, as it clears the whole length of the colon whereas the enema can only reach the lower parts of the colon.  We use a unique technique which allows us to get results faster, and clean the ENTIRE colon and not just a portion.  Once you have completed your session you will receive all of your after care instructions, we will also discuss how you would like to execute your treatment plan.

Advantages of our LIBBE System

One distinct advantage of our LIBBE system is that there is no odor at all.  Another advantage is that we use an Open System FDA-approved medical equipment, which offers:

    • Small rectal tubes! They are the'size of a pencil' and will go in only as far as 1-1.5 inch
    • The tubes are disposable/single-use
    • Latest water purification system
    • Odor exhaust system built-in (No Smell!)
    • Gravity-controlled water flow (the machine does not shoot water into the colon)
    • Easily controlled and adjustable water temperature of 98F-103F
    • The client is fully draped (no exposure!)
    • A rinsing sprayer is built-in for the client to rinse their bottom with after the session
    • Very Strict Sanitation after every use with disinfectant that kills viruses like HIV, herpes, etc
    • Colonic table supports up to 500 pounds

    Custom Treatment Plan

    After your detailed consultation, examination, and colonic session, Dr. Noey will develop a custom treatment plan based on your goals and needs.  We will schedule your second session 48 hours to a week after your initial visit.  It is important to stick with your treatment plan in order to acheive optimal results.  Looking after your colon is essential to your overall holistic health.  Don't neglect this part of the body.  Although often overlooked compared to other areas of your health, the colon plays a very important role in the function of the whole body.  It has major effects on all other organs of the body.  So a poor colon means a poor liver, heart, kidney and skin.



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